Turkey and Belgium will select real-patient or cadaveric images for 3D reconstruction to produce virtual 3D organ/system models. Virtual models will be used to produce surgical and anatomical useful 3D printed models which are suitable for surgery with technological instruments like endoscopy/laparoscopy, cadaveric standard models will be prepared with using fresh-frozen pelvic cadaveric samples for standard training by Turkey and Belgium. South Korea and Turkey will use virtual models for VR and AR simulations, South Korea and Turkey are going to standardize the medical 3D models aim to form EU standards with the collaboration of IEEE-EMBS Standards Association. Standardization of 3D modeling for soft tissue, for hard tissue, 3D modeling process, 3D printing post-process will be performed as well. Selection of surgical and anatomical procedures and creation of syllabus on functional urological procedures will be planned by Italy and Turkey. However, they will be responsible to prepare pre-test, post-test related to evaluation of surgical skills and anatomy, evaluation form for proficiency of 3D models, evaluation form for trainee during the procedure. Web-based training modules, e-Learning portal and evaluation of questionnaires will be completed by UK and Turkey.