About Transnational Meetings

We planned to meet 5 times within 2 years at transnational project meetings.

The participants will be applicant/project director, partners' researchers, administrative of EU Offices of the universities, officers of the project. Transnational project meetings will start at the 1st month of project with Transnational Project Meeting (TNM/Kick-Off))-1 in TURKEY with the aim of description of project management and work packages, planning and internal agreement discussion and approval. The objective of this meeting is to clarify and work out the detailed plan of the project. Participants will engage in interactive discussions of their activities and priorities for advancing methods and main questions of the project.

It will continue with Transnational Project Meeting-2 in UNITED KINGDOM at the 6th month of project with the aim of coordination, update, evaluation of outcomes, problem solving, summary report and the future plans.

Transnational Project Meeting-3 will be held in ITALY at 12th month of project with the aim of implementation of models to the training modules, discussion of training activities, project status and positive/negative comments on the project management.

Transnational Project Meeting-4 will be held in BELGIUM at 20th month of project. The aim of the meeting will be discussion on web-based training and evaluation of training modules, 3D research based models evaluation and future plans.

We finalize the project with Transnational Project Meeting-5 in TURKEY targeting finally reporting, future goals and collaboration at 23th month.