Intellectual Output 3

Output Title: Establishment Appropriate Syllabus and Evaluation Forms for Students and Trainees

Output Type: Course / Curriculum – Training Scheme

Leading Organisation: Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia
Participating Organisations: Hacettepe University

The third intellectual outcomes (IO3) is creation of 3D based training syllabus on functional urology for students/trainees, creation standard evaluation forms. The syllabus will be prepared based on EBU Curriculum and ICS expert opinion objectively. The most common surgical procedures on functional pelvi-perineal region which are related to technology will be included to the syllabus. The quality, efficacy of the outcome results will be evaluated by trainees and mentors during LTT, ME and dissemination activities with using objective questionnaires. The questionnaires will be pre-post-test for assessment of surgical skills on 3D models, motivation test, evaluation of 3D models based on quality, quantity, realism and applicability.

Due to European Board of Urology Curriculum and International Continence Society (main authority on functional urology in the world) Expert Opinion, we determined the anatomy based surgical procedures that will be produced with 3D printing technology and fresh-frozen cadavers as surgical simulators at list below:

1- Male Sling (Transobturator/Retropubic) – David Castro Diaz- David Hernandez- Frank Van Der Aa
2- Intravesical Botox Application (Male/Female) Sherif Mourad- Elizabetta Costantini- Ester İliano
3- Sacral Neuromodulation (Male/Female) Emre Huri- Alex Digesu
4- Cystoscopy(Male/Female)Emre Huri- Sherif Mourad
5- Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implantation (Male) David Castro Diaz- David Hernández- Frank Van Der Aa
6- Transurethral Prostate Resection Sherif Mourad- Emre Huri
7-Adjustable Male Sling- David Hernandez, David Castro Diaz
8- Vaginal Sling (Transobturator/Retropubic) - İlker Selçuk- İlkan Tatar- Emre Huri
9- Mini-sling Surgery Elizabetta Costantini - Alex Diguse- Ester İliano
10-Vesicovaginal Fistula Repairment (basic method) Sherif Mourad
11-Anatomic Sacrocolpopoexy Elizabetta Costantini- Ester İliano
12- Vaginal POP Repair (SSLP included) Elizabetta Costantini- Ester İliano
13- Posterior tibial nerve stimulation (posterior tibial nerve model) Sherif Mourad
14- Bulking Injection – Sherif Mourad

These procedures will be identified and sectioned due to step-wise fashion in syllabus. Each step will have point and total sum of the trainee will be the outcome of the procedure. The preparation of these documents will be the main output of IO3. The elements of innovation are to determine novel technology based syllabus for functional urological trainings, using novel modalities , creation widespread training module, writing standards of surgeries, and preparation the project team to teaching activities. The expected impact of the outcomes is to use the created syllabus and documents by International Continence Society and worldwide well known urology/urogynecology societies as well. The outcome has potential for transferability.

The tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology:
Italy will search academic publications via PubMed Central to determine education-based publications on functional urologic surgery and determined surgical procedures as well. Each surgery will be step-wised anatomical and technical in terms of quantitative outcomes. Novel surgical modalities will be used due to this step-wise modalities, and each participant will simulate the surgery based on objective parameters. Turkey will work on the questionnaires and evaluation forms that will be used in LTT, ME and dissemination activities. Turkey will use some questionnaires that were used in previous EU ERASMUS plus project as MedTRain3DModsim. Motivation test, psychometric analysis and pre- and post-tests will be prepared for each surgical procedures. Objective evaluation of 3D printed models/cadaveric models/ VR-AR models will be performed to provide evidence-based outcomes.