Intellectual Output 4

Output Title: Web-Based Training Module/e-Learning Portal (Videos, Surgical Animation Films, Educational Material for 3D Modeling etc.) and Evaluation of Training Sessions

Output Type: Open / Online / Digital Education – E-learning Course / Module

Leading Organisation: International Continence Society - ICS
Participating Organisations: Hacettepe University

Dissemination of the project will mainly be provided by interactive website and measurement of outcomes will be one of our main tasks in the project. Interactive e-Learning portal, educational videos, 3D printed models, VR models will be the elements of innovation. Each student can reach the website and can take advantage of web-based training modules.

However, each can book the training activities of SOMT for the future, and register to the training activities. Therefore, we will include volunteer and enthusiastic participants to the training activities of SOMT.

The tasks leading to the production of the intellectual output and the applied methodology:
UK is responsible to improve e-Learning web portal and website formations. The objective evaluation of impacts will be done by standard questionnaire form and psychometric analysis. Before starting training, standard pretest (questionnaire) related to the surgeries session will be filled by participants. At the end of the training session with 3D Medical Models, the form will re-fill as well (post-test). At the end of the session, standard psychometric analysis and motivation test will be performed. Quality of 3D printed models will be evaluated by trainees with prepared questionnaires.